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By Laws

The By-Laws of Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale were last amended in May 2010. As the world has changed dramatically in the past 13 years, so has the need for our shul to adapt as an organization,

Our Board has spent months composing a proposed list of 17 amendments to our By-Laws. In order for these amendments to pass, we must have a quorum of at least 15% of our membership at our General Membership Meeting on Sunday, March 12th, at 8pm in the Social Hall, when the proposed amendments will be discussed.

At our current membership level, 15% equates to 167 people. Since a family membership unit carries two votes, and one spouse is permitted to vote by proxy for their absent spouse, only one spouse needs to attend for both to be represented and count towards the quorum.

The meeting will also feature a wine tasting courtesy of Kosher Wine Warehouse. 

Below are some links to the current and proposed By-Laws:


A Handy Guide To The Proposed By-Laws

Click here to download a PDF version of this guide.

Considering the difficulties experienced in convening membership meetings and in motivating members to attend in sufficient numbers to constitute a quorum, a months-long review of the existing By-Laws was undertaken.
While the review was underway, other provisions of the By-Laws were identified as being in need of updating.
Revised By-Laws were recently approved by the Board of Directors. The proposed document will be submitted to the Membership for consideration and adoption.

This is an outline of the principal provisions:

  • Voting at membership meetings will be via electronic means. Convening a quorum will be easier and our membership will be able to make decisions about important issues more easily. Members who decline to participate in electronic voting may opt out and cast a vote in person in the office during regular business hours. Proxy voting will be eliminated once electronic voting is in place.
  • Requirements for giving notice to members of meetings, for quorums, for voting, and for the margins needed to approve actions have been clarified and made more consistent.
  • The mission statement of the Shul has been enhanced to spread its focus beyond our community to Jewry in Israel and worldwide.
  • Any effort to dissolve the Congregation can be successfully opposed if one-third of the members voting on the issue wish to see it continue.
  • Members whose Shul obligations have fallen into arrears are given greater leeway to maintain their membership rights as they address their outstanding balances.
  • The spending authority of the Board of Directors for any single capital expenditure or capital acquisition has been updated to reflect current financial realities.
  • Spending authority of Officers and the Board of Directors to deal with emergencies has been clarified.
  • The Board of Directors will be empowered to set terms for the availability and assignment of High Holiday seats.
  • Individuals may become affiliated with the Shul by becoming Associates without being entitled to voting rights and without full membership benefits.
  • Recall of Officers and Directors by vote of the membership replaces impeachment proceedings.
  • Hiring, or renewing the contract of, a rabbi will require approval by 60% of those voting at a Membership Meeting, for the Senior Rabbi, or 60% of the Board of Directors, for any full-time rabbi other than the Senior Rabbi.
  • A statement that communal life as well as worship and conduct within the Shul must respect the principles of Orthodox Judaism based upon Divine authority.
  • A requirement that the Bikur Cholim Committee report to the Rabbis those in need of support and ministration.
  • The Security Committee is added to the list of Standing Committees.
  • Brotherhood and Sisterhood finances are clarified to permit each to spend up to their respective annual income.
  • Procedures for future By-Laws revisions are clarified and streamlined.
Fri, June 2 2023 13 Sivan 5783