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Shabbat Parshiyot Nitzavim-Vayeilech
September 12, 2020 | 23 Elul 5780

High Holidays 5781 Information click here


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Weekday Minyanim
Shabbat Timetable
Shabbat Docs: Download, print, and read over Shabbat
Our YIH Family: Mazal Tov, Condolences, Refuah Shleima
Shul Events and Announcements
Upcoming In-Person and Virtual Programs
Community News

Weekday Minyanim

  • We are no longer requiring preregistration for weekday minyanim. (Preregistration is still required for Shabbat minyanim.)
  • Weekday morning minyanim continue to begin with Selichot and then continue Rabbe Yishmael (please say Berachot beforehand) and start at the following times: 
  • Sun: 8AM and 9AM
  • Mon-Fri: 6AM, 7AM and 8AM
  • Sun-Thur: Mincha/Maariv times: 5:55PM and 7:10PM 
  • If you are comfortable, we'd love to see you back in shul and have your participation in ensuring strong, robust minyanim. We continue to urge everyone to remain vigilant in following social distancing and masking protocols, both inside and outside of shul. Those in high-risk groups should consult with their physician before attending minyan. 

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Shabbat Timetable

Friday, September 11

  • Earliest Mincha: 1:48p
  • Earliest candle lighting: 6:12p
  • Zoom Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:30p click here
  • Candle lighting: 7:10p
  • Sunset: 7:29p
  • Daven Mincha by 7:29p

Shabbat, September 12

  • Sunrise 7:06a
  • Latest Shema 10:11a
  • Latest Amidah 11:12a
  • Earliest Mincha 1:48p
  • Sunset 7:27p
  • Daven Mincha by 7:27p
  • Havdalah 8:07p
  • Havdalah with Chazan Berson of Congregation KJ  8:30 pm click here
  • We begin saying Selichot. There will be two services 10:00PM and 12 midnight

Thank you to Justin Stauber for the generous donation of the Lucite dividers used at all minyanim for the safety and protection of our members.

Shabbat Crossing Schedule : Stirling Road at SW 33rd Avenue
Friday night 6:00-9:00pm
Shabbat morning 7:00-11:00am
Shabbat evening 6:45-9:45pm
When crossing Stirling Road, make sure to wait until cars stop by the light
before crossing and only cross at the cross walk

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Shabbat Docs

Click to download, print, and read over Shabbat:

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Our YIH Family

Mazal Tov:

Yishai Schochet upon the celebration of his Bar Mitzvah, and to his parents Abby & Jimmy Napolitano and Elie Schochet, his brothers Meir and Noam Schochet and grandparents Sonja & Clint Walker, Bobby Schochet and Claude & Rivka Schochet
Moshe Averbuch on the engagement of his granddaughter Sarah to David Goldman in Israel, and to Sarah’s parents Jennifer & Rob Airley, and to the entire family.
Miriam Raphael (& Rabbi Fred Klein) and Jeff Roberts on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Judah Roberts in Palm Beach. Mazal Tov to sister Alexandra and the entire Raphael and Roberts family.
Vivian & Marc Hammerman on the recent marriage of their daughter Esther to Igor Chernomzav. Mazal Tov to his parents Zina & Leonid Chernomzav, grandfather David Hammerman, siblings Elysha & Elliot Shainberg, nephews Benjamin and Jacob, and the entire extended family. 

Shabbat Sponsors:

Pulpit Flowers sponsored by Sonja & Clint Walker and Bobby Schochet in honor of their grandson Yishai’s Bar Mitzvah
Shabbat Announcements sponsored by Meir and Noam Schochet in honor of their brother’s Bar Mitzvah
Torah Dialogue sponsored by Rivka & Claude Schochet in honor of their grandson Yishai’s Bar Mitzvah

Welcome New Members:

Leon & Adele Benkovitz
Eric & Yvette Edidin
Enrique & Sally Eichner
Andrew & Hila Leibowitz


Beth (& Gary) Hopen
on the loss of her mother Irene Talansky
Debbie (& Sol) Lerer on the loss of her mother Irene Talansky
Cheryl Hamburg on the loss of her mother Rochelle Hamburg
Gerald (& Ruth) Mayerhoff on the loss of his mother Roberta Frances Mayerhoff
Norman (& Meryl) Palgon on the loss of his brother Jonathan Palgon

Refuah Shleima:

  • Cholim: Binyamin Simcha ben Adina Minya (Binny Ciment), David HaKohen ben Esther (Lev Kandinov’s father), Israel ben Rachel Leah (Izzy Sabo-Chanan Sabo’s father), Melech Yonah ben Gittel (Jonathan Kalish's father), Moshe ben Masha (Craig Barany), Netanel Elan ben Shayna Tzipporah (wounded IDF soldier),  Shmuel ben Leah, Solomon ben Solika (Solomon Perez-Ilana Melnitsky’s father), Yehuda Arieh ben Mindla (Philippe Leiberman’s father), Yitzchak Chanoch ben Chana (nephew of Vanessa Shamah and Lauren Davis), Yitzchak Mendel ben Sarah Baila (Sammy Shapiro's father), Yoseph Benyamin ben Cochava (Ralph Sharaby’s son), Yussel ben Hinda Leah (Joel Bofshever-Dorie Ehrenreich’s father)
  • Cholot: Ahuva bat Friedel, Batya bat Sara, Chana Ety bat Zirel Libah, Devora bat Sheina Baila, Esther Shayna bat Nechama Mintza (Isabella Zummo's mother), Feiga Necha bat Pessel (Fay Lerner), Masha bat Ruth (Marcia Chonchol-Craig Barany’s mother), Nechama Chaya bat Sima (Mimi Jankovits' mother), Rivka bat Sarah, Rivkah Chaya bat Devora (Reva Shapiro, daughter of Debbie & Sammy Shapiro), Rivka bat Elka Libe (Mark Langer's sister), Sara Leah bat Rochel (Cynthia Lynn Haber-Cheryl Hamburg’s sister), Sara Leah bat Bracha (Stacey Deutsch), Sara bat Aviva (Eliana Lifshultz), Shira Raizel Esther bat Mina Zosha (Ruth Messer’s granddaughter), Yocheved bat Tzril (Joan Niad), Yocheved bat Henya Sheindel (Jessica Schultz)

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Shul Events & Announcements

Brotherhood's Rosh Hashanah Flower Sale
please click here

To donate online to the Food Bank please click here


  • Covid-19 Recovery Fund:  Please contribute by clicking here or mail a check to the shul
  • The Feintuch family announces the availability of a free Tashlich app, for all devices, developed in memory of their beloved father and grandfather, Joseph Katzenstein. To download go to
  • Keilim Mikvah:  The Kalim Mikvah is open Monday - Thursday 11am - 4pm. Please call the office prior to your arrival 954-966-7877 to make an appointment. For your own safety, and the safety of others, we appreciate your cooperation in abiding by the following rules: Wear a mask. Keep a safe distance from other users by staying in your car if someone is ahead of you. Unwrap all items prior to arrival. After using the Keilim mikvah, please use the spray sanitizer provided on any surface you may have touched. We cannot accommodate commercial toveling at this stage
  • YIH Tuesday Women’s Tehillim Group continues with assigned chapters being read at home. If there is any interest in a weekly Zoom Tehillim gathering, please contact Jillian Galitzer on her cell phone 954-557-6926

Audio Shiurim:  Please visit our website page  

  • Rabbi Weinstock's Daf Hashavua shiurim from Yevamot 
  • Recent shiurim by our speakers


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In-Person and Virtual Programs

Click here to view all our Virtual and In-Person Programs

To join Rabbi Weinstock's broadcast WhatsApp group "40 Days Of Inspiration" click here from your phone

Rabbi Yossi Jankovits Daf Yomi 
Sun-Thur: 6:25 PM in the Beit Midash
Shabbat: 5:45 PM in the Library
Rabbi Yossi Jankovits Morning Learning Program 
5:45-6:45 AM in the Beit Midrash

Please contact Rabbi Jankovits directly if you are interested in joining via Zoom

3-Part Elul Series with Rabbi Weinstock YIH Social Hall
Also available via Zoom
Virtual Series with Sara Frieberg

Tuesday, September 15 : Guest Speaker Batya Hefter

Weekday Zoom classes with Rabbi Frieberg
8:45am and
Between Mincha/Mariv
 (this week Mincha is at 7:10pm)


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PLEASE NOTE: Content in the Community News section below is contributed by outside organizations and individuals not affiliated with Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale (YIH). Inclusion of content in this section does not constitute an endorsement on the part of YIH, our rabbis, staff, or Board of Directors.

Community News Relating to COVID

Bikur Cholim Blood and Plasma Drive
Aish/Winn Dixie Shopping center
on North 46th Avenue, Hollywood

To set up an appointment
email or text 305-785-7789

MESSAGE FROM UNITED HATZALAH: United Hatzalah, in partnership with CoronaCareIsrael, is proud to present free and anonymous online counseling to frontline healthcare providers.  To easily access this service or sign up anonymously click here. Confidentiality is of prime importance to us, and we will never require any identifying details. We invite all frontline staffers to utilize our services during this challenging time. 

Community News

General Information

In Partnership with the Orthodox Union

Jews are experienced in facing adversity.  The goal for this session is to learn to:
 Acknowledge and accept feelings
 Gain greater understanding of acceptance and  resilience
 Review & learn  options on how we face adversity
 Think  creatively
 Smile and feel more ready for the Yamim Noraim
Presented by:  Faye Wilbur, LCSW-R, Director of  Community Relations , Mishkon, The Jewish Board; Therapist in Private Practice Brooklyn, NY
CLICK HERE to Register

Faye Wilbur, LCSW_R  is  Director of Community Relations for Mishkon , the division of the Jewish Board serving people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Ms. Wilbur has been privileged to work within the Jewish Board for many years in multiple  roles including Jewish Community Services, director of the Boro Park clinic, Coordinator of Family Violence Services to the Jewish Community to name a few.



Community News Briefs...

  • Orders for your Lulav and Etrog may be placed at Holyland Judaica on Stirling Road in Hollywood. A drive by pick up is being offered.  Customers who request it can drive up to the store and their order will be placed in their trunk.
  • Shema Yisrael Judaic Lending Library.  Free.  Hundreds of adult and children books to choose from.  Library hours flexible.  Social distancing observed. Tamar 305-721-5880.  Also accepting book donations upon approval.
  • Tomchei Shabbos assists needy families in our community with meals for Shabbat. Checks may be mailed to the shul, or donate online at
  • Bikur Cholim Medical Equipment Gemach: If you are in need of medical equipment on a temporary basis such as a wheelchair, walker, crutches, please call 954-894-8514 or contact 
  • Babies and Mamas Gemach — 4 imahot. If you are interested in learning more about this new Gemach and their services, or to volunteer or donate, please visit for more information. 
  • Jeanette Levine Bridal Gemach. Contact Robin Andisman 954-588-7600 or
  • Gemach Matchmaker - If you have anything that you don't need anymore and would like to donate to a needy Jewish family, please text/whatsapp me. I will match you up with a family who will pick it up directly from you. You will get their name and number before they call you to make arrangements for pick up. Orit Sabo 917-359-5818.
  • Young Israel of Hollywood is proud to have a synagogue section at the only Chevra-Kadisha-owned cemetery in South Florida: South Florida Jewish Cemetery. Special pricing available to YIH members and their families. Plots start at $3,300.  Contact the cemetery office for more details or to make an appointment.  561-264-4364
  • Nishma Research: This survey is not accepting additional responses at this time. However, we invite you to take a shorter version of the survey of the Jewish community dealing with the Coronavirus. Nishma will make the findings fully available, and you can get the findings emailed to you directly. The survey can be accessed at
  • Kosher Food for Venezuela if anyone is interested in helping to send food directly to the Jewish community in Venezuela, please contact David Tuchinsky at 954-895-7896

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Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780