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Sale of Chametz: 
The YIH Rabbis are available to arrange for your sale of chametz. The Sale of Chametz Authorization Form is available by clicking here. Forms are also available in the shul office. It is preferable to drop off the form with one of the YIH Rabbis. We are available after daily minyan, after our classes, and by appointment. 

Maot Chitim: 
Part of our preparations for the holiday must include concern for those less fortunate who need financial assistance in order to afford the additional expenses of making Pesach. To donate to the YIH Maot Chitim Campaign click here. This year we will be allocating 10 percent of all Maot Chitim funds to families in Israel that are in need due to the war. You can also donate to the YIH Israel Solidarity Fund and note that the donation is for Pesach.

Seder Hospitality
If you would like to be matched up as a host or a guest for a Pesach meal please fill out the form here 

YIH Stands with Israel

We are launching this fund to address immediate and urgent needs in real time that we become aware of due to our contacts and affiliations. We have set an initial goal of $250,000 that will support needs and causes in Israel that have arisen due to this unprecedented and horrific terrorist attack. 

To donate to the YIH Israel Solidarity Fund click here.

To submit the name of a relative in Israel in need of prayers
please fill out the form by clicking here

Click image to Fill out a Declaration of Intent



The Young Israel of Hollywood Fort Lauderdale is affiliated with the National Council of Young Israel and the Union of Orthodox Congregations ("OU"). During the past three  decades we have grown to over six hundred families.  We are a multi-generational, dynamic and vibrant community. Our website contains information about our membership, programs and our community, as well as links to other sites. We hope you'll find our presentation interesting and informative. 



Upcoming Classes and Events



To view all minyanim times, view our online calendar by

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Rent a  Locker 

Click Here to see what is available then please call the office at 954.966.7877 to set a personal combination and/or arrange to pick up a key for your locker.

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To Join the Young Israel Brotherhood for 5784 Click Here 

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