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Kristallnacht Commemoration 5779 - Oren Stier, PH.D, Elie Wiesel, Israel, and the Ghosts of the Holocaust 11/10/2018

From Frazzled To Focused (Eishet Chayil Initiative: Master your Time) by Rivka Caroline 10/22/18

Women in Bereishit- Chava by Sara Frieberg 10/18/18
Women in Bereishit - Sarah by Sara Frieberg 10/25/18
Women in Bereishit - Rivkah by Sara Frieberg 11/1/18
Women in Bereishit - Rachel and Leah by Sara Frieberg 11/8/18

Praying From Within: Chana's Story & Your Rosh Hashanah by Sara Frieberg 9/5/18

 Yom HaAtzmaut -Don't Be Left Behind by Shani Taragin (until minute 50)
Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider Beginning at minute 50) Rav Kook Rewrites HaTikva 4/15/18

Pesach Products and Preparations 2018 by Rabbi Weinstock 3/12/18

"Dealing with Difficulties Part 1: Rambam" by Rabbi Davis 11/27/14

"Ohel Avraham V'Sarah: Model for The Jewish Home" by Rabbi Menachem Nissel 11/16/14

"Anne Frank: the Most Famous Holocaust Survivor" by Dr. Oren Stier 11/9/14

Shemittah 5775: Israeli Produce by Rabbis Davis and Weinstock 10/28/14

Rabbi Jonathan Hirsch on Eit Laasot: Women's Talmud Study 10/22/14

Rabbi Weinstock on Sefer Yonah 9/23/14

Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro Pre Selichot 9/21/14

Rabbi Davis on Machzor: 9/17/14

032811: Cooking And Shabbat 

100121: Ibn Ezra on Parshat Bo

100217: Coffee and Conversation 3: Torah and the Constitution

100223: A Closer Look at Purim- Rabbi Weinstock

100225: Ibn Ezra on Purim

091216: Coffee and Conversation 2: Cardozo

091201: A Closer Look at Chanukah

091118: Coffee and Coversation 1: Brandeis

091022: Ibn Ezra on Noach

091029: Ibn Ezra on Lech Lecha

091119: Ibn Ezra on Toldot

Rabbi Edward Davis Rashba

Rabbi Edward Davis Rambam

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag Maggid

Rabbi Mencahem Leibtag Expansion of our Understanding of the Haggadah

Men's Seder 5777 with an Array of Presenters on Hagadah

11/15/2017 Rabbi Yosef Weinstock's first lecture on The Founding Fathers of Israel

Rabbi Yosef Alkalai 

12/20 Rabbi Yosef Weinstock's second lecture on The Founding Fathers of Israel Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer

1/17 Rabbi Weinstock's third lecture in The Founding Fathers of Israel Rabbi Shmuel Mohliver

11/29/2017 - Rabbi Adam Frieberg Warming Food on Shabbat Part I

12/20/2017 - Rabbi Adam Frieberg Warming Food on Shabbat Part II



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Tue, November 13 2018 5 Kislev 5779