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YU Shavuot To Go

The Shavuot edition of Yeshiva University's "Torah To Go" publication is currently being printed, and we are working to make copies available to everyone who wants one.

Please use this form to request a copy.

Alternatively, the entire publication may be downloaded here once it is ready. (Last year's edition can currently be found on that page.)


If you request to pick up a copy from the shul:

  • You will be notified on which day to pick up your copy.
  • Your copy will be labeled with your name, and placed on a table on the porch of the YIH Beit Midrash for you to pick up.
  • Copies on the table will be laid out with space between. Please only touch your copy.
  • If someone else is picking up at the same time as you, please wait for them to leave the porch before you approach.
  • Since you will be picking up your copy, you may skip the address fields and click 'submit' below.

If you request to have a copy delivered to you:

  • Please provide your address below.



Tue, May 26 2020 3 Sivan 5780