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Youth Challah Bake TOMORROW, Thursday, Nov 17, 5:45pm

11/16/2022 10:32:24 PM


If you have a child in grades K-5 and you did not already know about Thursday's Challah Bake, you are probably not in the YIH Youth Whatsapp Groups, your best source for information about all of the YIH Youth events and programs!

Visit so you won't miss anything else!

Space is limited, and RSVP is required. Click here to RSVP now!

Space is limited, and RSVP is required. Click here to RSVP now!

Upcoming Youth & Early Childhood Events

11/08/2022 06:04:40 PM


We've changed the clocks and you know what that means...


  •  V'Shinantam is Back - register your child now!

  •  Mommy & Me Zumbini - Tuesdays at YIH - space is limited!

  •  Youth Challah Bake - next Thursday

  •  Stay on top of Whatsapp @ YIH

If you can only see text in this email, you'll miss all of the info about these great events.
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 V'Shinantam is Back - register your child now!

This year's V'Shinantam program will be our biggest ever!

Over the course of 16 Saturday nights, we are going to learn an entire tractate of Mishna, culminating in a huge V'Shinantam Finale & Siyum on February 25, 2023.

Every child who participates will receive a personalized Mishna book, to be used over the course of the entire program.

This program is truly for ALL AGES; those who are too young to learn the Mishna will receive a Parshat Hashavua coloring book so they can get a head start on the following week's parsha while the older kids learn the Mishna. After the learning, they can participate in the other fun activities and win prizes just like everyone else.

Click here to register your children for their free personalized Mishna or Parsha books.


 Mommy & Me Zumbini - Tuesdays at YIH - space is limited!

Click here to register!

Click here to register!


 Youth Challah Bake - next Thursday

In honor of Parshat Chayei Sarah, join us at YIH at 5:15pm on Thursday, November 17. Kids, please bring a parent!

Full details will be sent via Whatsapp! If you are not in a YIH Youth or Parents' Whatsapp group, click here to join one!


 Stay on top of Whatsapp @ YIH

We have launched a request form that will enable you to sign up for YIH Whatsapp groups catering to every age and interest.

Visit and stay in the loop!


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