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Virtual Panoply? How's that gonna work?

Below are answers to the questions we've been asked so far.
Additional Q&A will be added as more questions come in.

How are teams created?

You will assemble your own teams as you've done in the past. As usual, there will be a place in the registration form to let us know who is on your team, or to request to be placed on a team.

How will teams work together?

You will have several options.

Breakout rooms will be set up in Zoom, allowing each team a private conference area to discuss each puzzle among themselves.

We are aware that some players may have been vaccinated, and some may have antibodies as a result of a recent bout of covid. Additionally, it may be possible for your team to meet at someone's home, and to work together, outdoors, with social distancing. 

You may work together using either of these solutions, or you may combine them.

The video that is customarily shown at Panoply, containing all of the puzzles, countdowns, breaks, etc., will be streamed live, allowing all teams to view it at the same time.

If we're not all in the same room, isn't there a potential for cheating?

The Panoply committee has worked diligently to come up with categories and questions that will make it extremely difficult to research the answers.

Additionally, strict time limits will ensure that teams just don't have the time to Google and submit answers. Either you know the answers or you don't.

Either way, everyone will be on a level playing field. Within the time parameters, you will have the ability to do whatever it takes to answer the questions placed before you.

Live Panoply consists of more than just questions and answers. What about the live categories, such as tournaments and food tasting?

We'll have that too!

At certain times during play, a member of your team will be needed to go somewhere to pick up a package of food items or to participate in a live challenge. For this reason, it will be important that all team members gather in Hollywood.

What I have more questions?

Send an email to and we'll update this page.


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