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Q&A: Parshat Korach

06/24/2020 02:20:49 PM


Rabbi Edward Davis

From the Text 
1. Who are the three ringleaders of the rebellion? (16:1)
2. What test did Moshe propose in order to determine who is the Kohen Gadol? (16:6,7)
3. How did the 250 rebels die? (16:35)
4. What did Hashem command Moshe to do with those incense pans? (17:3)
5. How many Jews died by the plague that Hashem sent after the rebellion? (17:14)
From Rashi
6. What question did Korach pose to Moshe (to prove that the Torah is illogical, or that Moshe was making things up)? (16:1)
7. What did Moshe proclaim that he did only as a result of Hashem’s command? (16:28)
8. Why did Hashem want the plague to stop by Aharon using incense? (17:13)
9. Why did Hashem choose almond blossoms to sprout on Aharon’s staff as a show of his divine appointment? (17:23)
10. If someone of Bnei Yisrael were to trespass and enter the Mishkan, who is held responsible? (18:30)
From the Rabbis
11. When did Korach’s rebellion take place? (Ramban)
12. What was so wondrous about the earth swallowing up Korach and his entourage? We do have earthquakes! (Ramban)
13. Who is responsible to oversee the work of the Kohanim? (Sifre)
Haftorah - Samuel I
14. Whom did Samuel crown as the first king of Israel? And where did this occur?
a) Datan - Aviram
b) Korach - Aharon
c) Ohn - Reuven
d) Itamar - Elazar
e) Yitzhar - Korach

1. Korach, Datan, and Aviram.
2. Each man would offer incense, and Hashem will choose one.
3. Hashem sent a fire, and it consumed them.
4. Hammer them out as sheets/covering for the Altar.
5. 14,700 people.
6. If a piece of clothing is made completely out of Techeilet, does it require Tzitzit?
7. To appoint Aharon as Kohen Gadol, and Aharon’s sons as the Kohen Gadol’s assistants, and Eltzafan as the prince of the Kehat family.
8. The people were thinking that incense is the killer. Nadav and Avihu died with an incense offering, and so did the 250 rebels. It was time to demonstrate that incense can be a life saver.
9. Almond blossoms rapidly. To say: Anyone who challenges Aharon’s position will be punished quickly.
10. The Leviyim.
11. According to the Ramban, the rebellion took place right after the debacle of the Spy Mission (when Moshe’s popularity was not so great.) [According to the Ibn Ezra, it occurred right after the Mishkan was erected.]
12. The earth opened up and swallowed ONLY Korach and his entourage and closed up again as if nothing had happened.
13. The Sanhedrin.
14. Shmuel crowned Saul as king at Gilgal.
a) Brothers
b) First Cousins
c) Grandfather Reuven
d) Brothers
e) Father Yitzhar

Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781