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Q&A: Parshat Pinchas

07/08/2020 04:47:24 PM


Rabbi Edward Davis


From the Text

1. What was Pinchas’ reward for killing the immoral couple? (25:12,13)
2. Why did Hashem command Moshe to wage war on the Midianites? (25:18)
3. Tricky question. Each name mentioned in the census had the letter “hey” added to the beginning and the letter “yud” to the end, indicating Hashem’s name. Which name was this not done to? (26:44)
4. What did the daughters of Tzelaphchad want from Moshe? (27:2-4)
5. Who did Hashem designate as Moshe’s successor? (27:18)

From Rashi

6. Why does the Torah re-introduce Pinchas to us as the grandson of Aharon? (25:11)
7. Why does the Torah reveal the names of Pinchas’ victims? (25:14)?
8. Why does the Torah trace the genealogy of the daughters of Tzelaphchad all the way back to Yosef? (27:1)
9. Why did Hashem show Moshe the entire Land of Israel at this time? (27:12)
10. The Torah, in its discussion of Rosh Chodesh, mentioned that there is a sin offering FOR Hashem. What sin did Hashem “commit”? (28:15)

From the Rabbis

11. Why did Hashem order the war against Midian and not Moav? (Ramban)
12. Why did Hashem order another census? (Rashi, Ibn Ezra, and Abravanel)
13. What part of nature is seemingly emphasized on the rituals of Sukkot?

Haftorah.  Jeremiah

This Shabbat is the first of the Three Weeks. Hence the Haftorah is the one for Mattot, the first chapter of Jeremiah.
14. From which direction will the enemy come to conquer Israel?


a) Moshe - Pinchas
b) Pinchas - Aharon
c) Noah - Milkah
d) Béla - Binyamin
e) Zimri – Shelumiel
from Moav



1. Pinchas became a Kohen, and all future High Priests will descend from him.
2. The Midianites went all out to harm Bnei Yisrael in the sin of Baal Peor.
3. Yimnah, the son of Asher, because this name already had a hey and yud in it.
4. Their father had no sons, just daughters; so they wanted their father’s portion of Eretz Yisrael.
5. Yehoshua
6. The tribes were degrading Pinchas for killing a tribal leader, and Pinchas was the grandson of an idolater.
7. Because it shows Pinchas’ zeal to honor Hashem. He was not deterred by their lineage.
8. Because Yosef showed a love for Eretz Yisrael also, when he made his brothers swear to bury Yosef in Israel.
9. Moshe thought that perhaps a new law was introduced for the daughters of Tzelaphchad, maybe a new law could be introduced for Moshe to enter the Promised Land.
10. Hashem made the moon smaller once the moon made the suggestion that it didn’t make sense to have two illuminating celestial bodies at the same time (the sun and the moon).
11. According to Rashi, it was because Ruth came from Moav. According to the Ramban, Moav wanted to harm Bnei Yisrael due to the fear they had for Bnei Yisrael. Midian acted out of hate.
12. Rashi: Like a shepherd who counts his flock after a wolf attacks, Hashem counted Bnei Yisrael after the plague. Ibn Ezra: Since the Land had to be divided according to the population, their numbers had to be recorded. Abravanel: To prepare for the imminent battles with the Canaanites.
13. Water (rain and agriculture that relies greatly on water).
14. From the north.


a) Great Uncle Moshe
b) Grandfather Aharon
c) Sisters
d) Father Binyamin
e) Same man (Sanhedrin 82b)

Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781