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Trees of Life


Dear Members,

Six weeks ago, we all showed up for Shabbat, coming to Shul to mourn the senseless loss of life at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Rav Soloveitchik famously taught, that the response to tragedy is not to ask why, but rather, to ask, what. What can I do about it.

In helping to answer that question, we are proud to partner with Mizrachi in their Tree of Life initiative. Shuls, schools, and communities all over the world are uniting in an effort to commemorate their murder and eternalize their memory by planting fruit trees in Israel on Tu B'Shvat. We will be dedicating our own YIH orchard of fruit trees in memory of the lives lost. The trees in this orchard will produce fruit, support the local community, and give all participants the opportunity to share in the many Mitzvot performed with these trees and their fruits such as: Orlah, Teruma, Ma'aser, Shmitta and more!

In addition to the placard placed on the orchard with our logo, each individual who orders trees will receive their own personalized certificate, suitable for framing which can be dedicated in honor or memory of anyone. Click here to see a sample of the certificate.

All tree orders can be placed online or forms can be printed and mailed in. click here

Orders made using this tracking link will automatically be included in our orchard. click here

If you would like to contribute to this initiative, but would rather not purchase your own tree, you may donate any amount to our YIH charity fund and be part of our communal tree planting. click here

Feel free to forward this email with our unique tracking link to your family and friends.

Thank you,

Rabbi Yosef Weinstock

Rabbi Adam Frieberg


Sat, July 20 2019 17 Tammuz 5779